VMRay Email Threat Defender for Office 365

VMRay GmbH

VMRay Email Threat Defender for Office 365

VMRay GmbH

Protect your Office 365 email against evasive malware, spear phishing, and zero-day threats

VMRay Email Threat Defender seamlessly closes the email security gaps that Microsoft EOP and Defender for Office 365 leave exposed with a solution laser-focused on providing the industry's most robust threat detection and the lowest number of false positives. It achieves unmatched detection efficacy by using VMRay's unique agentless sandboxing technology for threat analysis. Because Email Threat Defender does not provide a surface that cybercriminals could detect, exploit, or circumvent, it is resistant to highly evasive malware, at scale without shortcuts that compromise efficacy.

How it works

VMRay Email Threat Defender sits behind your Office 365 protection, scanning every email at the time of delivery for threats that slip through the net.

It automatically analyzes all files and URLs - including the links in documents, nested files, password-protected attachments, and Safe Links - through a fast and accurate multi-stage analysis workflow that combines reputation lookup and static analysis with VMRay's dynamic sandboxing technology. 

Once an email is identified malicious, the security team and recipient immediately receive a warning. The system automatically moves the email to a quarantine folder, preventing it from infiltrating your network and compromising or disabling your computers. 

Reporting is varied and comprehensive, from high-level dashboard views and clear verdicts to detailed noise-free analysis reports on specific incidents, allowing your team and others to contain incidents confidently and quickly.

Deployed in the cloud, Email Threat Defender integrates with Office 365 protection through the built-in API within minutes, with no changes to your MX records.

Key benefits

  • Unparalleled email security, stopping evasive malware, spear phishing, and zero-day threats that your Office 365 protection misses
  • Automatic URL protection at the time of delivery, complementing Safe Links protection 
  • Retrospective email scans, catching those URLs that are rearmed later
  • Effortless management, empowering everyone with actionable verdicts to contain email threats confidently and quickly
  • Email quarantine automation, preventing threats from infiltrating your network and compromising or disabling your computers.

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