Wipro Clinical Feasibility and Biomarker Hub

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Wipro Clinical Feasibility and Biomarker Hub

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A Healthcare Cloud Industry solution for conducting clinical research and improve patient outcome

Research & Background:

80% of clinical trials fail to meet enrollment timelines, 85% of trials fail to retain enough patients and 50% of research sites enroll one or no patients¹. With the cost of drug development for a single drug estimated between $2 - $3 billion², delays and inefficiencies in clinical trial recruitment can be extremely costly – adding up to $600k - $8 million³ per day of delay.

Using a strategic, data-driven approach at the onset of planning and designing a clinical trial can help identify the right patients, sites, and investigators to engage and reduce the burden of uncertainty and speed up conduct of the trial.

Biomarkers can be used to effectively identify the right patient populations, monitor therapeutic response, and identify side effects of a particular treatment for a particular patient. Designing a study where the eligibility criteria is optimally matched and geo-targeted to potential trial participants can lead to better outcomes and faster enrollment.

About this offer:

Wipro’s Biomarker Hub™ is designed to be a centralized nucleus to drive the collection and AI/ML driven analysis of biomarker data for the purpose of conducting clinical research and improve patient outcomes. The Biomarker Hub leverages de-identified data from one of the largest global patients cancer gene panels (TARGT Indiegene) to help geo-target the right patients for the right studies. Wipro through it’s partnership with global diagnostic labs can further enrich the data for targeted outcomes for our life sciences clients.

In addition to biomarkers, Wipro’s Clinical Feasibility module further geo-targets sites, investigators and patients with a focus on increasing diversity and outreach to underrepresented populations. The feasibility platform distills publicly available, purchased, and sponsor-specific data to provide key insights on site and investigator capabilities and performance. Furthermore, it overlays geographic and census data to identify population density and racial and ethnic breakdown in areas of interest. The combined Insights from the Clinical Feasibility module and the Biomarker Hub will provide a more comprehensive view and add strategic foresight to trial design and planning.

For sponsors, using this key technology and data-rich platform can improve overall clinical trial process from protocol design to enrollment and medical management of patients.

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