Azure Stack HCI Solution

It1 Source LLC

Azure hybrid services enhance the cluster with capabilities such as Cloud-Based Monitoring, Site Recovery, and VM Backups

Innovate anywhere with Azure. Build a hyperconverged infrastructure solution that improves IT agility and maximizes efficiency. iT1’s Azure Stack HCI Solution allows customers to embrace both public cloud and local datacenter at enterprise scale with optimal performance. Our solution helps modernize foundation infrastructure, gain better efficiencies, reduces technology spend, and simplifies IT management. Once adopted, Azure Stack HCI provides additional benefits such as centralized storage and enhanced security, cloud-based monitoring, site recovery, and virtual machines backups.

The benefits of an HCI solution also allows you to take advantage of cloud and on premises resources working together and natively monitor, secure, and back up to the cloud. Our team of cloud solution experts will align to your business and technical objectives, define requirements, and design/implement an Azure Virtual Desktop solution that meets those requirements to achieve business objectives. Deliverables for this solution include: Assessment with current environment Design an achievable Plan to meet your hybrid cloud needs with validated hardware solutions optimized for common use cases Migration and Modernization with enterprise scale from a virtual desktop infrastructure to high-performance SQL server Support Service