Cloud Security Assessment: 2-Week Assessment


The Logicalis Cloud Security Assessment provides a rapid analysis of an existing Azure Cloud environment compared against best practices for security, performance, agility, scale and cost.

Your cloud journey is underway but as your business grows, are you confident your current environment is optimised for security and support, at greater scale?

Logicalis believes that technology must be aligned to customer’s business objectives both today and into the future to be successful. The outcomes derived from this assessment will show how customer’s Azure Subscription is flexible enough to adapt to change, growth and scale. This flexibility will allow Azure to be an enabler to customer’s business.

In today’s modern IT landscape security, compliance and governance represent many organisation’s toughest challenges when doing business. The Logicalis Cloud Security Assessment will provide recommendations to bring Azure environments in line with Logicalis’ Production Ready Cloud Platform (PRCP) and Microsoft’s Well Architected Framework, that provides the guard rails to deploy workloads into Azure rapidly and with full confidence the framework will ensures the right outcome. Logicalis’ PRCP is designed to ensure the foundations are set correctly in preparation for a public cloud adoption

We will appoint a Lead Consultant to:

  • Work with your team to review the existing deployment and provide recommendations and design changes to ensure the most secure and scalable design going forward
  • Work with your team to understand your cloud journey and business objectives
  • Complete a comprehensive report
  • This project will be delivered in 4 or 5 phases: :

  • Commencement: Logicalis will commence identifying key configurations, processes and security boundaries, testing assumptions that have been made and validate them. Measures of success are defined in this phase.
  • Information Gathering: Logicalis will undertake a comprehensive review of your Azure environment to provide best practice architecture recommendations with security considerations, comparing against Logicalis’ Production Ready Cloud Platform guardrails aligned to Microsoft Well Architected Framework
  • Business Alignment: Logicalis will prepare the finalised report for based on the findings in Phase 2
  • Presentation: Assessment findings and security recommendations
  • Remediation (Option to Add-On): Logicalis will remediate and implement all architecture and security recommendations based on the estimated efforts of professional services cost proposed in Phase 4