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AppEx Networks

AppEx CloudExpress is a data transport acceleration software that significantly speeds up data transport and delivers better end-user experience for cloud applications. It is designed to be installed on application/web/cache servers to accelerate all TCP traffic flowing out from the origin, without requiring either hardware or software on the end user's side. CloudExpress works especially well for mobile applications and long distance accesses. CloudExpress is the only single-ended cloud acceleration solution available on the market today.

Key Features:
  • Server-side deployment accelerates content delivery from the point of origin.
  • No need for special equipment or software on your user's side.
  • Improves speed and ensure consistent data delivery.
  • Effective in lossy and long-latency network environments.
  • Increases network bandwidth utilization.
  • Reduces the number of failed TCP connections & shortens response time.
  • Improves availability of cloud applications.
  • Performs optimization transparently in any deployment or embedded scenario.
  • Detects packet loss more accurately and rapidly than standard TCP or delay-based implementations.
  • Reduces annoying buffering pauses and other delays, delivers a smooth viewing experience to end users.