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Awingu All-In-One

The easiest and fastest way to deploy your online workspace in the cloud.

Today’s work is mobile, and having a mobile workforce is high on every CIO’s agenda. Yet more often than not, implementation often lags due to constraints from legacy IT systems and security.

Awingu removes those constraints. We bring legacy applications to the browser of any device (pc, laptop or tablet). With Awingu, every application can run in the secured ‘sandbox’ of your browser, and there is no need to configure or manage the device.

We don’t stop with “legacy.” Awingu brings together ‘the old’ and ‘the new’ and allows access to SaaS applications with just ONE login. Fully secured. Fully managed. Fully audited.

“Awingu All-In-One” allows for very easy and fast provisioning of Awingu, application servers, AD and file servers.


  • Intuitive: designed for intuitive use. No installations required on the device
  • Mobile: access your workspace on any device via a connected HTML5 browser (e.g., Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox).
  • Hybrid Cloud: run Awingu on Azure. Connect to applications and files running in any cloud.
  • Secure: multi-factor authentication built-in. No footprint on the device

This FAQ provides you a step-by-step installation guide.