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CloudLink SecureVM by Dell EMC

Control, monitor and encrypt VMs with ease and confidence

Control, monitor and encrypt VMs with ease and confidence

CloudLink SecureVM by Dell EMC unlocks native Windows BitLocker and Linux OS encryption features by providing policy-based key management and orchestration. This includes pre-boot authorization to enable boot and data volume encryption in virtual and cloud environments. With SecureVM you define the security policy to permit a virtual machine to start, including verifying the integrity of the VM, which protects against unauthorized modifications. SecureVM ensures that only trusted and verified VMs have the ability to run and access sensitive data residing in the cloud.


  • Uses native OS encryption tools for optimum performance and to avoid risks inherent in proprietary encryption
  • Protects the entire VM without re-architecting how your applications store data
  • Supports new, existing and modified VMs - encrypt existing volumes and additional volumes as they are added
  • Encryption key management remains under your control - the encryption key store can reside within your enterprise data center
  • Flexible key storage options include integration with Azure Key Vault, Active Directory and third party key managers
  • Manage and monitor security across the hybrid cloud
  • Compatible with Azure Backup