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Fortinet FortiAnalyzer - Central Logging/Reporting

Fortinet FortiAnalyzer delivers centralized network logging, analytics, and reporting

Fortinet FortiAnalyzer deploys into Azure to collect, correlate, and analyze geographically and chronologically diverse security data. Aggregate alerts and log information from Fortinet appliances and third-party devices in a single location, providing a simplified, consolidated view of your security posture. In addition, FortiAnalyzer provides detailed data capture for forensic purposes to comply with policies regarding privacy and disclosure of information security breaches.

Key Features & Benefits
  1. Graphical Summary Reports provide network-wide reporting of events, activities and trends occurring on FortiGate® and third-party devices.
  2. Network Event Correlation allows IT administrators to quickly identify and react to network security threats across the network.
  3. Scalable Performance and Capacity FortiAnalyzer supports thousands of FortiGates and can dynamically scale storage based on retention/compliance requirements.
  4. Choice of Standalone, Collector or Analyzer Mode allows deployment of individual instance or optimized for a specific operation (such as store & forward or analytics).
  5. Seamless Integration with the Fortinet Product Portfolio enables tight integration to allow FortiAnalyzer resources to be managed from FortiGate or FortiManager™ user interfaces.