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MariaDB Enterprise Cluster

MariaDB Corporation
Quickly deploy MariaDB Enterprise Cluster + MariaDB MaxScale with HA & Read/Write Splitting.

MariaDB Enterprise Cluster + MariaDB MaxScale

MariaDB Enterprise Cluster extends MariaDB, the widely-adopted, open source database you know and love, with Galera clustering technology. MariaDB MaxScale offers connection- and statement-based load balancing. The MariaDB Enterprise Cluster + MariaDB MaxScale solution for Azure consists of a 3-node MariaDB Enterprise Cluster and dual MariaDB MaxScale nodes in a Highly Available (HA) configuration.

If you are running MariaDB in a production environment, a MariaDB Enterprise Subscription is recommended to provide access to management and monitoring tools, notification services for security alerts and bug fixes, technical and consultative support including 24x7 support coverage as well as performance tuning, best practice recommendations and code review — everything you need to confidently deploy MariaDB as part of your core infrastructure and in the cloud.