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A troubleshooting app for network bandwidth, latency, traffic visibility & network analytics.
Following are the available Sight Apps at this time:

  • FlowSight is a flow analysis application that helps you with bandwidth & latency problems which are the main reason for majority of the network issues. FlowSight also provides correlation capabilities between traffic types, traffic direction, subnetworks, regions, class of service, etc…
  • NodeSight is a host analysis application that helps you with network issues involving infrastructure/servers. NodeSight also provides insights on why and when a particular server is behaving the way it is, irrespective of the type of server, database, application server, webserver, etc…
  • AppSight provides detailed analysis of application performance as it relates to other network activity.
  • DNSSight helps understand the DNS traffic in your network and how all the applications are effected as a result by providing plethora of correlation options.
  • IMSSight provides in depth analysis of call control activity in the network, media flows, QoS as well as other applications that are sharing the bandwidth and their impact.