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SUSE Manager 3.0 Proxy (BYOS)

Juridisk information

SUSE Manager 3.0 Proxy (BYOS)


SUSE Manager 3.0 Server

Built for Linux, SUSE Manager delivers best-in-class open source infrastructure management capabilities that empowers IT to reduce complexity and regain control of IT assets by enabling you to comprehensively manage Linux systems with a single, centralized solution. SUSE Manager provides automated and cost-effective software, asset, patch and configuration management, as well as, system provisioning and monitoring capabilities. These capabilities enable you to easily manage your enterprise Linux system deployments across physical, virtual and cloud environments. As a result, your organization can decrease total cost of ownership while securing enterprise systems and improving compliance and service quality.

SUSE Manager Proxy caches software packages on an internal, central server. The proxy caches patch updates from SUSE or custom RPMs generated by third-party organizations. A proxy allows to use bandwidth more effectively because client systems connect to the proxy for updates, and the SUSE Manager server is no longer required to handle all client requests.

Instances of BYOS (bring your own subscription) images must be registered using your SUSE subscription keys in order to receive security updates and support.

Legal Terms

By clicking the Create button, I acknowledge that I am getting this software from SUSE and that the legal terms of SUSE apply to it. Microsoft does not provide rights for third-party software. Also see the privacy statement from SUSE.