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Turn any database into a RESTful API
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Turn any database into a RESTful API

Data becomes instantly accessible to authorized web and mobile applications

SlashDB automatically builds REST API out of traditional databases for reading in writing in JSON, XML, CSV and other formats. Save up to 90% in development effort for data access tier, and invest your resources in differentiating features your users will actually see.

Our clients report $30-40k savings per developer from only as single database with SlashDB API.

SlashDB enables you to do more with traditional databases and Microsoft Azure resources:

  1. Quickly develop mission critical mobile enterprise applications
  2. Dramatically shorten you product migration from client/server architecture to the cloud
  3. Instantly add a REST API to your website
  4. Monetize or share you data assets with authorized clients or public
  5. Sync cloud databases with on-premises systems
  6. Analyze web-originated data and internal business records together