Anacle Simplicity® Business Software

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Anacle Simplicity® Business Software

Anacle Systems Limited

Business applications for Commercial, Corporate and Industrial Real Estate Management

Simplicity® Business Software Suite, a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Enterprise System, is an end-to-end solution for the management of all property and tenancy related activities for your organization as a real estate owner.

The Commercial Real Estate suite of applications in Simplicity® is the most comprehensive, sophisticated and powerful solution to manage the operations of your commercial real estate portfolio. It provides workflow driven end-to-end automation and advanced big data analytics for your rental, finance and property management operations. It digitalizes your financial and leasing processes, provides powerful automated rental billing and collection through adapters to payment gateways, comprehensive automated arrears management, flexible and accurate gross-turn over computation through integration to Point-of-Sales systems, accurate tax handling and integrates to major financial systems like SAP and Oracle Finance. Simplicity® is scalable to thousands of office, retail, industrial, logistic, self-storage and residential buildings.

The Corporate Real Estate suite of applications in Simplicity® gives you operational and financial visibility to all aspects of your corporate real estate, including advanced space, asset and shared resources management and optimization capabilities. It utilizes 3D models based on Digital Twin technologies that are extremely easy to create and maintain, and this frees your company from cumbersome and expensive traditional 2D-CAD components. It also provides map-based geo-spatial analytics to allow organizations to monitor performance of their properties that span nationally, regionally, or globally. It is suitable for any large enterprises with more than one million square feet of space or more than ten thousand assets to manage.

The Industrial Enterprise Asset Management suite of applications in Simplicity® is the most comprehensive and advanced solution for the management of your mission critical assets. It provides workflow driven end-to-end field-force automation and advanced big data analytics for your maintenance, safety and supply chain operations. It comes with integration to IoT sensors, failure analysis models and Artificial Intelligence, so that Simplicity® can help to predict asset breakdowns before they occur. Simplicity® is scalable to thousands of sites and millions of mission critical assets and network elements, and covering industries including pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical, oil & gas, power, water & wastewater, military, transport infrastructure, healthcare as well as data centers and telecommunications.

Based on the latest .NET framework and compliant to W3C Standards, Simplicity® Business Software Suite is scalable, reliable and robust. It has been designed to be extremely easy to use, pain-free to implement, and quick to adopt for both private and public sector organizations. It is versatile and nimble for your future expansion needs, and risk-free to your enterprise.

Key Technological Features:

- Fully cloud-based implementation on a SaaS model

- Fully web-based, service-oriented and n-tiered architecture based on Microsoft® .NET

- Self-intuitive, user-friendly and mobile responsive user interface

- Fully configurable workflow engine

- Fully compatible with major business rules engine such as iLOG Rules

- Fully configurable data fields for business objects, and a Low-Code Development Platform for fast configuration of complex business features

- Fully configurable document templates engine for publishing of documents designed in Microsoft Office formats

- Comprehensive RESTful APIs, Web Services, GIS, CTI and OPC interfaces for integration with other systems

- Fully compatible with Microsoft SQL, Oracle and MySQL

- File repository to store important documents and relate them to system objects

- Supports multiple languages

- Powerful one-stop business intelligence with built-in charts and live slice-and-dice analytics

- Android and iOS-compatible mobile apps

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