Cloud Backup for Salesforce

AvePoint Inc.

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Cloud Backup for Salesforce

AvePoint Inc.

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Minimize data loss and downtime with automatic backup and flexible restore for SF data and metedata

Cloud Backup for Salesforce is the most complete data protection solution on the market

Data loss happens, make it secure with AvePoint Cloud Backup for Salesforce. Cloud Backup is a 100% SaaS backup solution. No installation requires with nearly zero configuration. Provides comprehensive protection consisting of automatic daily backup covering all Salesforce data, metadata and custom objects, on-demand restore, and secure encryption to keep your business moving forward- inclusive of sandbox seeding without additional hidden costs! Give Cloud Backup a try with a free, 30-day trial.

Cloud Backup is hosted on the AvePoint Cloud, our 100% SaaS platform for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace data management. Cloud Backup can be deployed in your choice of over a dozen global data centers, and can easily scale to support 10 or 10,000 users. Cloud Backup is available for purchase directly, through our preferred partners, or via our Distribution Network for Managed Service Providers.

Key Benefits / Features:

One-click salesforce backup

Automated daily and on demand backup of critical Salesforce data, including metadata and custom objects, with comparison reports to understand how your Salesforce objects and metadata are changing over time. Unlimited and/or custom retention of backup data with your option of AvePoint provided or your own backup storage.

Comprehensive recovery

Full fidelity restore of data across multiple levels (Organization down to individual metadata) with out-of-place and user mapping options. Find the right data to restore with timeline-based or easy keyword searching and preview capability to ensure accurate recovery. Maintain GDPR compliance by identifying records / fields required to be purged from backup data set as needed.

Sandbox creation & seeding

Build and continue to populate your sandbox environment with anonymization templates and filters that help you maintain high-fidelity content without compromising user privacy.

Data security

Full encryption on backup data via Microsoft Azure Encryption in conjunction with user account security. Identify suspicious activity through alerting mechanisms for large changes to records and fields. We’re also certified by a wide range of organizations such as ISO 27001:20123, SOC 2 Type II, FedRAMP Authorized, IRAP and more. From government to regulated industries to commercial and small businesses, we’ve got you covered.

Optimize IT resources with automation & delegation 

We build in best practices and automate controls to take the complexity out of configuration. Easily delegate restores to end users or power users based on department, role, or region! You can stay focused on higher-value projects. 

No strings attached

Give Cloud Backup a try with a free, 30-day trial. Whether you are looking to proactively prevent data loss or restore critical data, we've got you covered. Our technical, sales and dedicated support teams are on standby 24x7x365.

Questions? Contact AvePoint Sales today.

Please Note: After purchasing a subscription, you must sign up for the product with a Microsoft 365 Global Admin Account to consent to applications from AvePoint. If you sign up with a user account, the “Need admin approval” page will appear to require an admin to grant permission to the application.