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Binary Geek Limited

Performance Management and Employee Engagement software integrated with O365 and Microsoft Teams

Finally. HR tech that's built for your people, not just HR.

Bring employee engagement, performance management & goal tracking together seamlessly through the Weekly10 check-in on web, mobile or Microsoft Teams.


👍 Customer support on hand as standard

Weekly10’s effortless to roll out and gets high adoption. We’ll help set up your templates and workflows, support your internal launch meetings, and run manager training and refresher sessions if you want them. All as standard.  


Meaningful Conversations

The Weekly10 check-in facilitates meaningful conversations between your managers and their teams by combining regular two-way feedback and peer recognition with Goal and OKR tracking. It’s built on well-established behavioural science principles and research to help you ask the right question in the right way at the right time.


🏆 Visibility supports succession planning

Weekly10 gives managers the tools to improve their team’s visibility to senior leaders by highlight the great work their direct reports are doing and shine a light on rising stars.

💰 When your people know what’s expected, they can deliver the extraordinary

Set OKRs and goals aligned with company objectives and track everyday performance. Understand which teams are over-delivering and step-in early before under-achievers impact business performance.

Take the pain out of performance reviews

Eliminate 90% of review prep time by using the Weekly10 check-ins to fuel meaningful conversations based on hard evidence. Then feedback into Weekly10 for even more data-driven insights and notes for next time.

📈 Early trend visibility for leaders

Weekly10 check-ins power AI analytics so you can compare sentiment and engagement across time periods, functions, geographies, or other groupings, giving you metrics that you can measure and impact.

🍰 Effortless adoption and administration

Accessible via Web, Mobile app or Microsoft Teams so all your people complete their Weekly10 check-in where they prefer to work. Fully integrated with O365 Calendar and Azure Active Directory.