Consumption Based Billing Solution


Consumption Based Billing Solution


Detect machine / asset anomalies, identify & evaluate faults, & provide intelligent decision making

Birlasoft’s Consumption-based billing solution uses native Azure services such as Azure cognitive services, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Functions, Azure Stream Analytics, etc. along with other Microsoft services and SAP (SAP on Azure) to provide:

•       Automatic sales order creation for faster turnaround in SAP

•       Automatic preventive maintenance for order creation

•       Real-time analytics and integrated dashboards for geo-tracking, usage, machine health, and consumption trends. Cognitive services are leveraged based on historical sales, actual consumption, and packages delivered

•       Anomaly detection, consumption prediction and real-time inventory monitoring using AI/ ML services

•       Unified collaboration platform for engineers, logistics & maintenance teams, and virtual agent assistance

•       Real-time alerts and notifications related to machine / asset status

This is a secure, scalable, and device-agnostic solution.

The solution uses Microsoft Services like IoT hub, DPS, Stream Analytics, Azure SQL DB, etc.. as per the end user requirements