Bloomberg Market Data Feed (B-PIPE)

Bloomberg L.P.

Bloomberg Market Data Feed (B-PIPE)

Bloomberg L.P.

Bloomberg’s Market Data Feed provides access to real-time financial market data and analytics.


Get fast, scalable access to financial data for mission-critical applications, with no compromises in speed, reliability or performance. Bloomberg supports clients with quick and efficient access to high-quality, real-time market data, reference data, history, news and analytics through Microsoft Azure.

Bloomberg’s advanced infrastructure is designed to make it easy to access a wide range of content and analytics. The Market Data Feed (B-PIPE) is a managed service that consolidates data from more than 330 exchanges and 5,000 pricing contributors globally (35 million instruments across all asset classes, including equity, foreign exchange & money markets, fixed income, commodities and derivatives). The Bloomberg Platform for Data Distribution enables your firm to provide users with additional range of content and analytics through the same API.

Connectivity to Bloomberg services through Azure Private Link gives clients high-performance access directly from a private cloud in any Azure data center. Bloomberg services over Azure can be rapidly deployed, offering high-performance, real-time data without any installation process for physical infrastructure.


The solution provides B-PIPE as a managed service leveraging reliable native connectivity between Bloomberg data centers and Azure, as well as between the Bloomberg project environment within Azure to customers’ project environments. The result is a reliability and performance profile equivalent to Bloomberg’s on-premises solution (Bloomberg’s real-time managed appliances deployed in customer data centers).

The overall solution uses an Azure direct connect model via a cloud exchange provider to establish connectivity between Bloomberg data centers and Azure. This design provides resilient, redundant connectivity via the exchange fabric. The solution also provides customers a way to access Bloomberg data via B-PIPE natively on Azure (through Azure Private Link,) by establishing a reliable and manageable peering solution between Bloomberg and customer VNets.


Existing Bloomberg clients interested in the Market Data Feed solution, please contact your Bloomberg sales representative.

Those interested in the solution that do not already have a Bloomberg sales representative, please use this hyperlink to provide contact information and Bloomberg will be in contact soon: