MrWolf - e-Service Desk Automation by BlueSoft

BlueSoft Sp. z. o.o.

MrWolf - e-Service Desk Automation by BlueSoft

BlueSoft Sp. z. o.o.

Platform that allows seamless automatization of different types of incidents, tasks and tickets.

Successful business often comes from superior customer experience

Handling standard, repeatable and often boring tasks may decrease employee engagement and satisfaction. MrWolf is BlueSoft’s solution to this problem. Our platform can help to respond cheaper, better and faster to these kinds of tasks, freeing up your help desk to handle more complex issues.

Standard and repeatable actions are no longer an issue

With Mr Wolf, an e-Service Desk Automation Platform can take the pressure off from your stuff while still maintain the highest level of accuracy and ticket resolution normally associated with humans. You can define the logic of ticket handling process as a repeatable procedure based on fix criteria or you can use advanced Machine Learning to train MrWolf to intelligently respond, almost like a real person.

Explore the power of intelligent service desk automation with MrWolf

Due to extreme flexibility and wide integration options MrWolf may help you with all sort of problems. Here are few examples:

Automate internal processes

Auto-assign tickets to the right agents or groups, setup multilevel approvals, and automate processes like travel order, password resets, etc. MrWolf’s simple interface and out of the box workflows were designed to get you started right away.

Manage SLA violations with automation

Escalate tickets automatically or send notifications about SLA breaches by pre-defining automation rules to suit your ticket priorities. Gain visibility into your service delivery by keeping track of your performance against SLAs.

Help Desk Workflow Automation

Use smart rules to drive help desk automation, by setting triggers and macros. Automate the setting of status, priority and due date to tickets

Executing service orders

On-boarding of a new employee, provisioning equipment, ordering a new phone can be instantly automated using MrWolf to provide a better omnichannel experience leading to faster order management reducing handle time.

Contact us and find out how MrWolf can make your life easier

Key benefits that MrWolf e-Service Desk Automation Platform offers to your team:

  • Decrease the operation costs
  • Easy of definition
  • Scalability and resistance to fluctuation of requests
  • 360 view – real time reporting and analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Extreme flexibility
  • GDPR ready
  • Operating 24/7

Where MrWolf will gives its value:

  • Servicedesk teams
  • Contact Center Teams
  • Internal IT