Cloud Efficiency Rating (CER) - 1 Click Report

Cloud Accel, Inc.

Cloud Efficiency Rating (CER) - 1 Click Report

Cloud Accel, Inc.

For the first time ever, find out how efficient your cloud setup is, that too in under 30 minutes.

Cloud Efficiency Rating (CER) helps you measure current cloud utilization, find and eliminate your cloud waste.

CER – 1 Click Report includes:

  • Cloud Efficiency Rating (TM) on a scale of 1 to 5 – for all VMs within your entire cloud subscription
  • A summary of AI cost optimization opportunities with potential savings
  • VMs classification by their utilization


  • No credentials to be shared. Report is generated within VM in your own subscription. VM uses a managed role with Azure read-only permissions
  • No data exchanged outside of your network
    • No calls made to our servers
    • VM’s internet access is blocked
    • Your current workstation IP is white-listed to allow report access and cannot be accessed from any other IPs


CER - 1 Click Report is complimentary and costs nothing

  • You pay only for the Azure VM launched
  • Linux D4s_v3 VM costs ~$0.19/hour (or) $4.60/day
  • Once you review the report, you can delete the Azure VM to stop incurring Azure costs

Launch instructions:

  1. Click on “Get it Now” button on "Cloud Efficiency Rating (CER) - 1 Click Report” Azure Marketplace page
  2. Review details on the launch page and create the application
  3. Access your CER - 1 Click Report at https://<public-ip-of-created-VM> using username 'administrator' and password as '1click@Report'


  1. CER report is generated only once at the time of launching the offer
  2. CER report is generated only for the resources available from the selected Subscription
  3. Due to Azure limitations, AI recommendations do not consider existing VM Reservations
  4. CER Report is restricted to a maximum of 500 VMs
  5. For continuous ratings, complete AI recommendations, automation to apply the recommendations, sign up for CloudOptimize (or) request for an Enterprise License

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