Ctelo Voice Channel for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Ctelo Voice Channel for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Add telephony with Voice Channel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service Omnichannel

Enable your customer service representatives to communicate with customers on the phone to resolve issues using the Ctelo Voice Channel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service. While many customers increasingly use chat, SMS messages, and social media to engage and request support from organizations, phone calls continue to be an important communication channel. With the voice channel, Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides agents with the ability to receive and make public switched telephone network (PSTN) calls through a native calling experience in Dynamics 365, with real-time AI-powered features such as live call transcription, sentiment analysis, and AI-based suggestions to boost agent productivity. Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service also provides a rich set of analytics and insights, including AI-driven topic clustering and call insights.

Typically, customer service organizations must manually integrate standalone telephony and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, which results in fragmented experiences for agents and customers across engagement channels. Ultimately, these stitched-together solutions from multiple providers are not only complex to roll out and maintain but create data silos with disconnected insights into customer interactions and agent performance across channels.

Ctelo Voice Channel is a part of the Ctelo Voice offering and makes it possible to use the existing company telecom contract and phone numbers in both Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The setup cost for Ctelo Voice Channel is USD395, and will be invoiced separately.

Key capabilities of the voice channel

Take a look at some of the key capabilities that make the voice channel great for IT administrators, supervisors, agents, and customers.

  • Call controls: Mute, Hold, End

  • Music on hold

  • Music on wait

  • Integrated customer and case history lookup

  • Notes and knowledge search

  • Mark a number as spam

  • Dial the emergency number during a crisis

  • Receive calls from emergency responders over a dedicated callback number

Calling and routing
  • Ability to handle and distribute incoming calls, automatic call distribution (routing)

  • Ability to make outbound calls

  • Transfer to an external phone number

  • Phone number provisioning and management

  • Skills-based assignment

  • Call insights

  • Real-time sentiment analysis

  • Real-time transcription and recording

  • Real-time translation of call transcripts

  • Real-time smart assist suggestions

  • No-code Virtual Agent as IVR

  • Consulting and transferring

  • Monitoring and barging

  • Ability to record and manage phone calls

  • Operations management through supervisor dashboards

  • Post-call survey

  • Queue position and wait time announcements

  • Music on hold and wait