letsbloom Secure Cloud PaaS

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letsbloom Secure Cloud PaaS

Discovery Technology Services Pte Ltd

Onboard and run your applications with continuous security and compliance observability


letsbloom is a fully cloud-native and multi-cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that enables digital infrastructure ecosystem for businesses by providing seamless deployments and autonomous operations on cloud native technologies. We aim to be a strategic digital transformation partner to businesses in regulated environments in their adoption of public cloud.

letsbloom platform enables you to be "Secure by Design, Compliant by Default" throughout your application lifecycle- from build to test to run. Running your business securely on the cloud is complex, especially for businesses operating in regulated industries. It’s even harder to collaborate effectively with your clients and eco-system partners to launch new products and services. letsbloom addresses these industry challenges by offering a fully managed service to build and run your business applications on the cloud. Compared to a default Azure account, your letsbloom provided account comes with pre-built guardrails for security and compliance.

Key Benefits & Outcomes

  1. Go to market up to 10x faster
    • Meet security and regulatory requirements in weeks instead of months
    • Real-time dashboards provide clear and actionable intelligence to address security gaps
    • letsbloom compliance reports serve as a single source of truth during compliance assessments, significantly improving the turnaround times.
  2. Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 80%
    • Leverage letsbloom's trusted infrastructure and secure deployment pipelines
    • Fully managed DevSecOps for security, compliance, and reliability
    • Built-in continuous security monitoring and response

Our Customers

Our customers either operate in highly regulated industries or offer their products to organizations operating in regulated industries.

  1. Financial institutions (FIs) and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs)
  2. Independent software vendors (ISVs) and Fintech startups
  3. Other verticals include Regtech / Govtech / Healthtech

User Personas

  • Developers: Faster and more predictable deployment with DevSecOps
  • Enterprise Architects: Consistent standards and patterns across enterprise applications
  • Risk & Compliance teams: Consistent single source of truth for security and compliance posture
  • CTOs: Develop customer-focused technology solutions with built-in security and compliance
  • CISOs: Enforce consistent information security standards across the technology landscape
  • CFOs: Increase ROI through optimised technology and cloud spend

Why letsbloom?

  • Deploy and manage your applications with pre-built trusted secure-by-design and compliant-by-default cloud infrastructure.
  • Leverage our deep understanding of financial services regulations across major geographies including but not limited to Singapore, HK, US, UK, EMEA, ASEAN, and Australia. We assess your application using common control objective library that aggregates the control objectives across the major regulatory frameworks and industry standards.
  • Deploy and manage your applications using an integrated DevSecOps using Azure DevOps that provides secure deployment pipelines and continuous security and compliance monitoring.
  • Monitor and respond to emerging cyber threats using built-in state-of-the-art SIEM based on Microsoft Sentinel.