e[datascientist] – Exploration Module

Eagle Genomics

e[datascientist] – Exploration Module

Eagle Genomics

AI-augmented knowledge discovery platform revealing insights within the world’s life sciences data.

Broaden the potential for innovation while radically reducing time to insight and maximize the value of data from existing research. 

This Exploration module of our AI-augmented knowledge discovery platform, the e[datascientist], unifies and finds the connections between disparate datasets (public and proprietary) to reveal new entities and relationships of interest to life sciences researchers. Users of the Exploration module can navigate through data entities in an intuitive interface, exploring unique paths through relevant public datasets. Each exploration reveals new entities and relationships of interest, which can inform new insight and possible new directions of research.

Why innovate with the e[datascientist]

Enterprise organizations in food, personal care, agritech and healthcare are today facing challenges such as:
  • Inability to turn ever-growing quantities of data into actionable insights that could transform product decision-making
  • Storing vast microbiome and genomic datasets often in silos with no consistency or context
  • Limited shared knowledge between teams, resulting in studies being repeated, often at cost to companies

Unlocking data can determine product viability and efficacy more quickly, whilst ensuring that products do no harm. In a hyper competitive market environment, inability to harness the power of data will lead to loss of competitive advantage and market position.

Key Benefits:
  • Develop claims for more innovative, differentiated and sustainable products 
  • Increase productivity, reduce product time to market
  • Enable effective collaboration to realize full potential of data assets
  • Reuse data to enable cross-study analysis and reduce costs

3-months Trial Version Offer of the Exploration Module

Get this trial version which offers 3 months paid access to the Exploration module with a preloaded repository of publicly available datasets and features – click on ‘Get it now’. 

Example Explorations e[datascientist] can help you with:
  • Which diets induce changes in the gut microbiome to give more energy?
  • Which natural ingredients can be used to replace synthetic compounds in a toothpaste?
  • A combination of which risk factors cause a severe reaction to COVID-19? 

To engage in a more comprehensive discussion towards deploying the e[datascientist] modules Curation, Catalog, Valuation & Analysis modules, please contact us at for more details.