HCLTech Digital Twin Offering (AssetTwin360)

HCL Technologies Limited.

HCLTech Digital Twin Offering (AssetTwin360)

HCL Technologies Limited.

AssetTwin360- Reimagine asset management leveraging digital twins

HCLTech AssetTwin360 solution powered by Microsoft Azure provides 360 visibility & insights for physical assets by bringing the physical and digital worlds to interact, enrich, retrain each other to improve the asset performance, availability, reliability and reduce field service cost and operational risks.

Solution Overview:

AssetTwin360 solution creates AS-OPERATED TWIN by capturing real-time operational and environmental data from IoT enable devices, using historical data and AI/ML/DL models to predict the performance, remaining useful life (RUL), faults and events. AS-DESIGNED TWIN is created using 3D simulation and behavior models with operational and environmental data as input, representing the connected engineering workflows to detect anomalies and conduct what if analysis or root cause analysis (RCA) of field failures. AssetTwin360 reference architecture integrates engineering data coming from design & simulation data from PLM and CAE systems and operational and environmental data of the Assets from AMS, SCADA systems. Such closed loop Digital Twin approach is required to leverage the Assets’ engineering and operational data to address the challenges from Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning and Operations.

HCL with its experience of implementing Digital Twins for diverse industries, has devised a phased (Define, Build, Deploy and Operate) adoption methodology to help customers in this Digital Twin journey.

Asset Types Served:

· Wind or Solar Farms, Power Substations, EV Charging Stations and Manufacturing Equipment

Use cases:

· Predict performance efficiency & RUL for fleet of Wind Turbines in varying environmental conditions

· Identify the anomalies, wear & tear of robots in Wafer handler unit of Semi-conductor Manufacturing Equipment

Azure Services Leveraged:

  • IoT Central, Azure Digital Twin, Azure ML, Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure Functions, API Services, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Monitor, Azure Key Vault etc.

Key Benefits to Customer:

· Improve Asset Performance, Availability, Reliability, Sustainability & Safety

· Reduce downtime, maintenance, and field service cost

· Increase Service Revenue with connected assets

· Optimize Wind Farm, Solar Farm siting and configuration

· Increase in Annual Energy Production in Energy & Utilities (up to 20%)

· Reduces time to operationalize new asset commissioning