Kovrr - Quantum Platform

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Kovrr - Quantum Platform

Kovrr Inc

Financially Quantify Enterprise Cyber Risk. On Demand.

Quantum is designed to enable enterprise decision-makers to comprehensively manage their cyber risk exposure by empowering them to seamlessly drive actionable, financial quantified cyber risk decisions. On-demand.

From cyber security investments to risk transfer decisions, Quantum is built to ensure optimal returns on cybersecurity investments that strengthen a business’s resilience to cyber attacks and third party service provider failures that could lead to significant financial losses.

Quantum’s data driven approach is built from the ground-up to enable evolving, objective, and frictionless financial cyber risk quantifications that deliver the CISO, CRO, the Board and other decision makers the answers they need on-demand with the click of a button.

The Quantum Platform transforms cyber security data into financially quantified cyber risk management decisions, leveraging the same advanced cyber risk models and technologies trusted by cyber insurers and reinsurers worldwide.


  1. Communicate Cyber Risk to the Board in Financial Terms- Enhance the board and C-Suite’s decision-making process by financially quantifying cyber risk.

  1. Justify Cybersecurity Investments - Prioritize and justify cybersecurity investments that maximize risk reduction.

  1. Optimize Cyber Insurance and Risk Transfer Placements - Identify gaps between risk mitigation options and cyber insurance spending to maximize your risk management decisions and strengthen business resilience.

  2. Measure ROI of Cyber Security Programs- Assess the ROI of your cybersecurity program and stress test it based on potential risk mitigation actions, thereby supporting better resource allocation.

  3. Analyze your Cyber Risk Exposure to 3rd Party Vendors - Financially quantify cyber risk within your supply chain. Gain insights Into 3rd and 4th party exposure.

  4. Meet Governance, Risk & Compliance Standards - Meet increasing demands from regulators to continuously quantify and manage cyber risk exposure.

  5. Conduct M&A Cyber Due Diligence: Analyze and understand the cyber risk exposure of target companies before you transact.