Managed Rancher by Hossted


Managed Rancher by Hossted


Managed Rancher, including security, monitoring and support by Hossted

Are you an IT manager looking for your Rancher application to be fully managed and monitored?

While open source software is today’s preferred choice of the majority of organizations, it can present challenges that are time-consuming to address, reducing productivity and efficiency.

Open source is typically characterized by input from a broad community of developers, and while it is possible to find answers to problems that users experience with the applications, many IT managers find that it would be optimal to hand over the reins to a reliable, authoritative source who will manage the application completely for them.

This can be especially relevant considering the challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Let an experienced DevOps team take this off your hands.

How do we help?

We manage Rancher for you.

Our team’s deep experience in the open source world enables us to take full control of the application's operation, security and maintenance, freeing you to focus on your priorities, and reducing downtime.

As an IT manager, you will never again have to navigate the challenges and complexities of open source software alone.

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About Rancher

Rancher, the open-source multi-cluster orchestration platform, lets operations teams deploy, manage and secure enterprise Kubernetes.