OpenVAS secured and supported by HOSSTED


OpenVAS secured and supported by HOSSTED


OpenVAS Simple, Secure and Supported deployment with the Hossted CLI, for easy self-maintenance.

This is a repackaged open source software product wherein additional charges apply for supplementary services.

About product

The OpenVAS scanner is a comprehensive vulnerability assessment system that can detect security issues in all manner of servers and network devices

This is a repackaged open source software product wherein additional charges apply for supplementary services.
Deploy and Manage OpenVAS confidently with Hossted

What are the advantages of Hossted’s OpenVAS deployment versus the standard OpenVAS community edition?

- Instant Deployment: Hossted offers a simple solution for deploying OpenVAS in less than 5 minutes. See how easy it is in the video

- Robust Security: Enhance your OpenVAS security with Hossted. Hossted strengthens OpenVAS security by implementing industry-leading practices such as integrated SSL, secure access protocols, and a meticulous approach to routine image updates.

- Control Dashboard: With Hossted’s CLI and Dashboard, you can easily manage your OpenVAS. From setting up your custom domain to monitoring your OpenVAS instance, our tool provides you with complete control over OpenVAS. Attached here is the documentation for setting up your Hossted Dashboard

- Ongoing Security: Continuous security scans to always ensure your deployment is safe

Additional Support:

Hossted offers premium applicative support and is application agnostic. When you deploy OpenVAS or any other open-source software through Hossted, you can access our top-notch and budget-friendly support. Hossted’s Premium Support helps thousands of OpenVAS users and is designed to be your go-to resource when you need help. Hossted support includes:

- 24-7 Availability: Regardless of time zone or location, our team of dedicated support professionals is always available to assist you. We will ensure that you always have the support that you need.

- Troubleshooting: If you have any issues with OpenVAS we're here to help. Our team will identify and isolate the cause of any issues. Whether you need assistance interpreting traces and dumps for installation or code-related problems, we've got your back.

- Known Defects & Fixes: If you encounter a bug, our team will navigate you through the problem and help you obtain any necessary patches.

- Multi-Application: Hossted supports more open-source applications than any other provider. With Hossted, you can extend your support plan to any open-source software you use.


Hossted offers extremely competitive/cost-effective pricing. Our pricing on average is 80% less than enterprise support from the open-source software provider. Here is our pricing.

Learn more:

You can visit us here at or book a call with us here at your convenience We are here to help you with OpenVAS or any other open-source software.

Choose Hossted for OpenVAS and empower your IT infrastructure with unmatched efficiency, security, and control. Experience the future of OpenVAS deployment today.

Internal image version is 2.13.0