Sigla - diagnostic tool for dementia

Mentis Cura

Sigla - diagnostic tool for dementia

Mentis Cura

Sigla is an early, fast and accurate tool to diagnose dementia by combining EEG and AI

Sigla is a non-invasive tool with high diagnostic accurracy and can save cost for hospitals and health care providers in dementia work up

Specialising in EEG statistical pattern recognition Mentis Cura have developed unique diagnostic aid by combining cutting-edge machine learning and our database of EEG recordings from over 3,000 persons followed clinically for over a decade.

The pathologies of different types of dementia can vary greatly, but they all affect the electrophysiology of the brain, which is reflected directly in the EEG recording (electroencephalogram). Sigla analyses specific patterns in a patient’s EEG that indicate possible dementia and can help differentiate between Lewy body dementia and other types of dementia.

Sigla uses standard EEG recordings for the diagnosis and differentiation of dementia. Sigla is a user friendly software that produces results with high accuracy in a simple report within minutes, detailing two critical perspectives: The Dementia Index that helps clinicians confirm dementia and the Lewy body Index that differentiates Lewy body dementias from other types of dementia.

The Dementia Index: 

Indicates whether an individual’s EEG signals resemble those of individuals suffering from dementia and can help clinicians confirm dementia. The Dementia Index is able to separate patients with a diagnosis of dementia from individuals with normal cognition with a sensitivity of 77% and a specificity of 92%.   

The Lewy Body Index:

Indicates whether an individual’s EEG signals resemble those of individuals suffering from Lewy body dementia and can help clinicians rule out or confirm Lewy body dementia. The Lewy Body Index can distinguish patients with Lewy body dementia from patients with other types of dementia with 94% sensitivity and 84% specificity.

How it works;

Simple EEG recording at clinic or hospital

  • A 5-minute standard EEG is obtained using equipment that is already available at most hospitals and clinics while the patient rests comfortably.

EEG run through Sigla software

  • The EEG is uploaded through a simple, user-friendly interface with existing hardware and processed in our cloud-based diagnostic software

Results in a report within seconds

  • The software delivers results with actionable information in an easy-to-read report.

Sigla is a CE marked class 1 medical device, used in clinical settings at hospilals and private clinics in Europe