Noname Security - API Security Platform

Noname Gate, Inc.

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Noname Security - API Security Platform

Noname Gate, Inc.

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Noname covers Discovery, Posture Management, Runtime Protection, and API Security Testing.

The Complete, Proactive API Security Platform

The Noname API Security Platform proactively secures your environment from API security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, design flaws, and provides API attack protection with automated detection and response.

APIs are at the core of modern business. The proliferation of APIs has greatly expanded the attack surface and led to APIs becoming the most targeted attack vector by cybercriminals. Existing web app security controls simply cannot provide adequate protection for the dynamic nature of APIs. APIs need security controls that can only be delivered from a dedicated solution designed to help detect and remediate API-specific threats.

Available as a turnkey SaaS-delivered solution or self-managed, the Noname API Security Platform natively integrates with your existing Azure technology stack and can seamlessly connect with hybrid cloud architectures.

Noname enables enterprises to:

Inventory every API, including legacy and shadow APIs, with automated data classification and security posture details.

• Identify API misconfigurations and API security vulnerabilities in policy and specifications.

• AI and ML-based models for runtime API threat detection.

• Automated and semi-automated blocking and threat remediation.

Continuously test APIs to identify API risks before they emerge.

Automate and dynamically test APIs in any phase of the CI/CD pipeline.

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