RavenDB on Oracle 8.4

Ntegral Inc.

RavenDB on Oracle 8.4

Ntegral Inc.

RavenDB, RavenDB on Oracle 8.4 optimized by Ntegral Inc.

RavenDB is an open-source fully ACID document-oriented database written in C#, developed by Hibernating Rhinos Ltd. RavenDB stores data as JSON documents and can be deployed in distributed clusters with master-master replication.

RavenDB is a an image based on Oracle 8.4, Nginx, .NET 5. We created this VM workload to allow for teams to focus on their project and not how to deploy the project to production.

This VM accelerator provides for hassle-free, scalable, enterprise ready deployments. This VM workload has no usage limits. It can be scaled-up or scaled-out to meet your specific environments needs.

How to Use:

RavenDB is running a linux service. It is configured to restart and is ready to launch out-of the box. Once the VM instance starts, access Umbraco via the following: "http://publicDNS" or "http://azureIP".

RavenDB Configuration

  • ssh to the server
  • application folder: /opt/RavenDB
  • sudo systemctl start/stop/status ravendb

Default ports:

  • SSH: 22
  • HTTP: 80

Why use Ntegral Certified Apps?

Ntegral certified images are always up-to-date, secure, and built to work right out of the box.

Ntegral packages applications following industry standards, and continuously monitors all components and libraries for vulnerabilities and application updates. When any security threat or update is identified, Ntegral automatically repackages the applications and pushes the latest versions to the cloud marketplaces.

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