Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager with WAF

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Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager with WAF

Pulse Secure

Application security, load balancing, control & acceleration

Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager with Web Application Firewall

Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager (Pulse vTM) with Web Application Firewall (Pulse vWAF) is a software-based Layer 7 application delivery controller designed to deliver faster, high performance user experiences, with more reliable access to websites and applications, whether they run in a public cloud, private cloud or virtualized data center, while maximizing the efficiency and capacity of web and application servers. Pulse vTM is ideal for hybrid deployment and can support your application whatever the combination of environments you want to use.

Pulse vWAF proactively detects and blocks attacks at the application layer and shortens the window of attack from external threats by reducing risk and exposure while securing outgoing traffic to help compliance with PCI-DSS and HIPAA.

It offers out of the box protection and complete transparency for Security Admins that will reduce false positives. With Pulse vWAF you can take a proactive security stance and offer a layered approach to App security, responding quickly to address new threat vectors via easily imported ruleset recommendations, whitelisting and automated learning.

  1. Speed: Accelerate services, increase capacity, and reduce costs by offloading performance-draining tasks such as SSL and compression onto Pulse vTM.
  2. Reliability: Improve application availability by intelligently distributing traffic, avoiding failed or degraded servers, monitoring performance problems, and shaping traffic spikes.
  3. Security: Defend against common application vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, etc. Secure applications with a strong security perimeter that creates a secure session ID and applies site usage enforcement.
  4. Integration with DevOps tools: Use the REST API to integrate with your choice of Devops and orchestration tools.

Pricing of available editions

This template gives you access to 4 different versions of Pulse vTM with Pulse WAF. Search for Pulse Secure on the Marketplace to see editions of Pulse vTM or standalone Pulse vWAF.

  1. Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager & WAF, Standard 10Mbps. $1.28 USD per hour
  2. Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager & WAF, Standard 200Mbps. $1.6 USD per hour
  3. Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager & WAF, Standard 1Gbps. $2 USD per hour
  4. Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager & WAF, Enterprise 1Gbps. $2.96 USD per hour

Other currencies are available. See the Pulse Secure vTM & WAF Licensing Guide for details of the features available with each edition.


The Dev/BYOL edition of Pulse vTM can be used as the host for a license key purchased from one of Pulse Secure’s Partners. Please see the Cloud Services Installation and Getting Started Guide for the license deployment process.