SEPPmail™ E-Mail Encryption Appliance


SEPPmail™ E-Mail Encryption Appliance


A leading swiss-made "Secure E-Mail Messaging" solution

The swiss-based company SEPPmail is a leading manufacturer in the "Secure E-mail Messaging" and "Large File Transfer" area.

SEPPmail™ delivers:

  • E-mail Encryption Standards
  • Use any E-mail encryption standard (PGP, S/MIME, TLS)

  • Award-winning GINA technology
  • Using this technology, the external receiver does not require any other software component or keys to read and reply encrypted E-mails.
    The E-Mail is always fully delivered to the receiver. The sender also writes its E-mails on its usual mail client without further extensions.

  • Electronic Signatures
  • Sign your outgoing E-mails to guarantee the authenticity of the sender and the integrity of the E-mails content.

  • Large File Transfer
  • If you need a secure way to transfer files which exceed the E-mail transfer size limit.

  • Central Disclaimer Management
  • Manage central and group-targeted disclaimers and E-Mail footers to provide a common CI for all your external E-mail communication.

  • Managed PKI connector for automatic Certificate Management
  • SEPPmail connects to several well-known accredited Certificate Authorities for fully automatic certificate and key management.

  • Protection against CEO-fraud, SPAM and Viruses
  • Our optional Protection Pack detects spoofed E-mails from outside and scans for SPAM and Viruses.

SEPPmail is a premier solution for secure E-mail, proven by hundreds of thousands mailboxes that are being secured with SEPPmail everyday. All encryption standards are supported and outgoing E-mails can be endued with a digital signature. Spontaneous, secure E-mail communication is made possible by the patented, multi-award-winning GINA technology. During development, SEPPmail pays uncompromising attention to usability and reduces complexity to an absolute minimum.

The SEPPmail appliance in Microsoft Azure allows you to operate your E-mail encryption system totally independent of your local infrastructure and combine it with on-premise and online E-mail environments like Office365 Exchange Online.

The signature and encryption is carried out in accordance with the international E-mail encryption standards S/MIME and OpenPGP.
Another technology, "domain encryption" is included in the appliance's basic license for the entire company. These standard technologies cover the users high-frequency, confidential E-mail communication in a completely transparent manner.

SEPPmail uses the patented GINA process for low frequency, confidential and spontaneous E-mail traffic.

SEPPmail™ is licensed using the Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) model.

To receive a test-license and implementation support, contact us at the link below