Solu 365 Governance Solution for Teams

Solu Digital Oy

Solu 365 Governance Solution for Teams

Solu Digital Oy

Is clutter in Microsoft Teams a problem? Drive adoption, alignment and governance with Solu 365.

Are you a mid-sized or a large organization struggling with Teams clutter or looking for better collaboration governance alignment? Then Solu 365 is the solution for you.

Key technical benefits

  • Creates use case-based Microsoft Teams groups with lifecycle management
  • Controls external sharing of sensitive documents at the Microsoft Teams group level
  • Provides live templates for updating the use case scenarios
  • Automates your metadata to document libraries efficiently
  • Can be deployed without a time-consuming and costly tailoring project

End user benefits

  • Ready-made Teams groups to meet real life use cases
  • Easy and user-friendly creation of Microsoft Teams groups
  • A precise ”portfolio view” over groups with systematic sorting
  • Enhanced search options with organization of your metadata
  • Simplification of Microsoft Teams group management functionalities
Integrate with your line-of-business systems simply by calling a SharePoint list to create provisioning requests. Requests are handed to a Microsoft Azure storage queue that will in turn hand them to an Azure Function App call Microsoft Graph API endpoints to populate Azure Active Directory schema extension attributes, and incorporate predefined templates while calling other endpoint to provision Microsoft 365 groups.

What our customers say

"Some kind of cultural change is central when this kind of Office 365-type environment is introduced, and in this case we have move forward with a really good attitude." - Marko Kyllästinen, Trade Union Pro
"What is particularly positive about the Solu 365 product is how it offers a transparent way of sharing information and communicating. Every memeber of the organization knows about the internal affairs of the company, in real-time and regardless of location. In our internal communications, we have moved almost entirely from email to Teams channels." - Milla Store, Panostaja

About Solu Digital

Solu Digital (est. 2011) is your partner on your path to refining information a competetive asset. Our products and solutions developed in Microsoft technologies are enduring, sustainable and inclusive. Together with us, you can achieve significant competitive advantage and savings with information management and teamwork solutions that are agile, cost-effective, customizable and scalable.

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