Telelink Business Services EAD


Telelink Business Services EAD

Pharma Serialization, Aggregation and Traceability SaaS Solution on Azure

Serialization, Aggregation and Traceability SaaS solution for pharmaceutical companies 


SATT PLATFORM is an end-to-end serialization, aggregation and traceability solution for pharmaceutical companies powered by Microsoft Azure to offer high availability, flexibility, and secure data exchange.

The solution provides:

• Generation of serial and aggregation numbers

• Data exchange and management of the manufacturing processes and lines

• Secure external connection among all partners (MAH, CMO, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, etc.) and production sites, as well as two-way communication and reporting to National and International Authorities.

SATT PLATFORM is fully adapted to the needs of:

• Marketing Authorization Holders

• Single-site manufacturers

• Multinational pharma organizations

• Parallel Distributors

• Contract Manufacturing Organization

• Third-party logistics (3PLs)

• Wholesalers


• Site Management Module: Enterprise management of serialization and aggregation data on the site level

• Track and Trace Module: External network management supply chain visibility and traceability

• Regulatory Communication


• Seamless configuration and customization following the client's needs

• Smooth interaction with multiple third-party systems

• Frictionless integration into existing internal IT systems & production processes

• A solution, fully compliant with EU FMD & US DSCSA & ANVISA & NMPA with zero downtimes during regulatory updates

• 24/7 support