Vaporstream, Inc

Vaporstream, Inc.

Vaporstream, Inc

Vaporstream, Inc.

Put Privacy in the Hands of Your Enterprise

Vaporstream is a private and secure messaging solution that protects your confidential business information – even after is delivered to other devices. Vaporstream goes beyond encryption to give businesses complete control over all their information, automate message expiration and meet compliance requirements. With Vaporstream, you can have truly private, confidential conversations.

·       Discuss and share highly confidential information without fear of leaks or unintended sharing

·       Enable employees to privately and securely have confidential conversations and share sensitive information from remote locations

·       Protect your business’ and employees’ private information from hackers and other bad actors

·       Communicate privately and securely during an out-of-course event, whether your primary network is available or not


Key Features

·       Create group chats or threads organized by department, project, client or other design

·        Scan and transmit documents without storing them on the device or in the cloud

·        Prevent users from saving, forwarding, copying or taking screenshots of messages

·       Send disappearing messages while maintaining compliance

·       Automatically wipe messages from all devices and shred on demand

·        Archive messages into a repository of your choice so that you can integrate with existing compliance workflows

·        Display user information and message content separately when extra privacy is required