Wind River Studio

Wind River Systems, Inc

Wind River Studio

Wind River Systems, Inc

Wind River® Studio is a full lifecycle DevSecOps platform for high performance intelligent systems.

Wind River Studio is a full lifecycle embedded software development and deployment platform for intelligent systems. Designed around DevSecOps and cloud-native software development techniques to increase the efficiency of embedded software development, Studio has been optimized to maximize the unique characteristics and functionality of the industry’s leading real-time operating system, Wind River VxWorks, and open-source Linux. Embedded platform and applications developers can easily collaborate across projects and customize workflows pipelines to efficiently develop, test, and deploy software for intelligent systems.

Studio can help embedded development teams increase productivity

  • Benefits

o Greater productivity

o Increased collaboration

o Automated processes

o Lower total cost of ownership

o Higher quality products

o Faster time to market

o Security of the development environment and device

o Lower hardware capital expenses

o Increased scalability

  • Features

o Cloud-native DevSecOps development environment

o Secure, permissions-only access

o Web-based intuitive interface

o Integrated and optimized build systems for VxWorks and Wind River Linux

o Customizable and extensible pipeline manager

o Virtual Lab interface with digital twin simulation

o Curated collection of pre-integrated and validated workflow technologies

o Artifact generation and repository

o Visual Studio Code integration

o Public cloud or on-premise deployment options

  • Audience

o Embedded system architects

o Software developers

o Embedded software developers

o Quality assurance and test engineers