sapio365 for Office 365 administration


sapio365 for Office 365 administration


Discover a new way of administering Office 365 tenants - with less clicks and no PowerShell coding.

sapio365 is an all-purpose Microsoft Office 365 administration client that gives you 360˚ visibility over your entire tenant. Teams, groups, users, sites – you have clear access to all the information required for quick and effective Office 365 administration.

Summary of features:

  • Quick and easy local installation on your pc
  • Your data remains your own – sapio365 does not retain anything, and local data is encrypted
  • High volume data processing without timeouts
  • Unified point of access to all the properties and content of users, teams, groups and sites
  • Rich data tools let you create custom reports
  • Powerful, granular role-based access control (RBAC)*
  • Audit log of changes made by users*
  • Sharing of appended notes on users, teams, groups and sites*
  • Quick switching between authenticated sessions
  • Multi-tenant management makes it an ideal tool for service companies

*All data processed by sapio365 is stored within your Azure tenant. This means it’s governed by the same compliance and security policies as the rest of your data.

Manage users quicker and better than ever

With sapio365, administrators can quickly view and edit user information across their IT environment. No other tool on the market makes it as simple or effective to make sweeping changes to user profile data, group memberships, license assignments, OneDrive files, and a range of other data across your environment.

Conquer group sprawl in Office 365

sapio365 makes it easy to access and modify any number of group memberships in a few clicks. It provides complete, central access to all group information across your environment, and lets administrators easily establish, manage, or discontinue group settings.

Explore files and manage permissions in OneDrive and SharePoint

sapio365 gives you full access and visibility over SharePoint and OneDrive content for all teams, users, groups, and sites in your Office 365 environment. This makes it quicker, easier, and more efficient than ever before to manage your Office 365 content.

Delegate restricted admin access on targeted scopes

Unlike alternatives, and Office 365 default controls, sapio365 allows you unrivaled detail in your role-based access control. It allows you to entirely customize the scope of your access rules, based on a vast array of parameters, including job title, organization, department, group, and much more.

Fast and effective decision making in your tenant requires customizable 360˚ insights into your subscriptions, users, domains, and groups. With this information, Office 365 administrators can make efficient, sweeping changes to every aspect of their tenant.