Facial Recognition System: 6-wk implementation


Synnex facial recognition system combines an IoT solution and AI Service to help companies create their own attendance management system.

Synnex facial recognition system combines an IoT solution and AI Service using Microsoft Azure and provides expert consulting services to help companies manage their staff attendance. Using sensors, cameras, monitors, and other devices, combines Azure services to do AI facial recognition, and collect the data to analyze, then use Power BI to display the result. In the past, most of the access control systems can only be passed through magnetic cards, fingerprint recognition, or password. This does not meet our standards. Moreover, during the pandemic period, the less contact the better, so through face recognition, not only can there be zero contact also it could be faster and efficient.

Project Deliverable:

Week 1-2 : .Briefly introduce Synnex facial recognition system on Azure AI if needed we can provide a simple demo .Initial project and forecasting process

Week 3-4 : .Site survey .Devices and cameras installation

Week 5-6 : .Connect devices to Azure IoT Hub .Set up models and configured and developed the data .Design Power BI dashboard and build up the attendance management system


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