Cloud Migration Cost Assessment: 6-Weeks

2nd Watch

*A six-week assessment analyzing on-premises computing environments, leveraging analytics tools to map current compute use and licenses to the most cost effective solution across the public cloud.*
2nd Watch’s Cloud Migration Cost Assessment simplifies and accelerates the path from on-premises to the cloud with instance rightsizing and TCO analysis. Our Cloud Enablement Team evaluates your on-premises IT estate and maps current resources to the most cost-effective solution in the Azure cloud, providing you an estimate of the cost to migrate as well as the ongoing cost of your optimized cloud environment. ### Agenda * Week 1-4: Environment Assessment - Identify/connect data sources for environment analysis and review results from data collection period and analyze output * Week 5: Cloud Cost Scenario Evaluation - Build simulations and financial scenarios for various cloud architectures and refine development of directional business case with customer * Week 6: Summary Report and Migration Recommendations - Create summary report describing potential end state scenarios and their respective TCO and create a proposal for the cost to migrate to Azure based on the optimum cost scenario selected