Azure DevOps with GitHub Jumpstart: 3 Week Assessment

3Cloud, LLC

3Cloud's Azure DevOps with GitHub Jumpstart evaluates your current state of development, deployment, release and operations and gathers requirements for your DevOps needs on Azure.

Is your organization struggling with long delivery lead-times to get your products and services to market? Do you face a constant struggle between business decision makers and IT to successfully collaborate? 3Cloud’s DevOps Jumpstart can help you overcome these hurdles and more through the unification of software development (Dev) and software operation (Ops). Our DevOps Jumpstart supports automation and monitoring at all steps of your data lifecycle, from development, integration, security, testing and releasing, to deployment and infrastructure management.

Offering Timeline & Deliverables

Week One Objectives and Activities​

     - DevOps Health Check workshop​

     - Analyze and summarize existing practices for DevOps / delivery processes​

     - Gap analysis​

     - Target state definition ​

Week Two Objectives and Activities ​

     - Set up secure Azure DevOps organization​

     - Implement sample project in Azure DevOps Boards, Git repos, Pipelines and Artifacts​

     - Create deliverable documents​

Week Three Objectives and Deliverables ​

     - Knowledge transfer​

     - Final readout