Azure Application Migration: 2-Hr Briefing


Have seasoned Azure consultants advise you on how to reduce or eliminate technology debt, free operating capacity for innovations, and perform app migration in the most efficient way!

Looking for professional advice on cloud migration?

Our services are best suited to the needs and challenges of technology executives looking to implement strategic competitive advantages for their organizations.

Benefits for you

Do you find yourself dedicating too many resources on supporting obsolete technology?

Looking to tackle technology debt and free capacity for innovation projects?

You can now talk to professional Azure consultants and get advice on the most efficient way to perform app migration!

Get professional advice on how to tackle technology debt, free capacity for innovation projects, and find the most efficient way to perform app migration!


The briefing is led by experienced Azure consultants who will work with you to discuss the following key aspects:

  • Overview of key Azure resources and performance considerations;
  • Estimation of cloud investment, targeting extended savings;
  • Comparison of alternatives according to your technology stack;
  • Advice on data governance in the cloud.


This 2-hour discussion will prepare you for application migration to the cloud by providing a structured view of all necessary considerations, and insights into choices that could have been otherwise overlooked.

Benefit from a free, in-depth conversation with certified Azure professionals, covering topics tailored to your needs!

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