One Month Sitecore by ACTUM Digital Implementation

Actum, s.r.o.

A single month implementation of the Sitecore Experience Platform in Azure PaaS mode, ready for scaling and feature development

At ACTUM Digital, we empower organizations to outperform the competition with their digital platform.

As the Sitecore Gold Partner with a specialization in Experience Platform product, we focus on delivering the most performant solutions leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud ecosystem.

One month Sitecore is an initiative by ACTUM Digital to empower organizations and speed up the go-to-market while encouraging the adoption of advanced content management and personalization technologies.

One-month Sitecore package enables organizations to start building their new websites on a solid foundation that utilizes Microsoft Azure. Leveraging our experience in building the basic solution, you will be able to have a scalable and adjustable platform to build multisite, multi-locale, and personalization-ready websites to drive revenue to your business.

What you receive in the package is the implementation of the Sitecore XP built in Azure Platform as a Service mode, ready for future development. Software license of Sitecore XP is not included in the pricing. Our solution is built to serve organizations with global and international presence that require powerful tool to fulfill their content strategy, manage large quantities of content across multiple digital channels and personalize the content to deliver meaningful digital experience to the end users.

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