Envisioning Workshop - 4 hours


Envisioning Workshop - 4 Hour Workshop to achieve break-through results by uniting departments to co-create validated concepts and plans for growth incorporating Azure functions and solutions.

AKQA is a strategic design agency that creates innovative brand experiences for clients globally, in both the digital and physical space. As part of the larger WPP network, AKQA is also a Microsoft Gold Partner.

We achieve breakthrough results by uniting departments in a shared innovation process. By combining experience, data and technology, it has helped businesses from numerous industries achieve growth using Azure services and functions.


Innovation Workshop (4hrs total incl. breaks)

  1. Understand Challenge (1hr)
  • Introduction and ice-breaker activity

  • Present focus area to group

  • Interrogate focus area (discuss relevant data, consider root cause)

  • Generate human centred ‘How might we statement(s)’

  1. Divergent Ideation (1hr)

     - Crazy 8s (rapid ideation)
     - Mash-up (combine ideas to form new ones)
     - Opposite Thinking (challenge assumptions for new thinking)
     - Round Robin (group iteration)
  2. Convergent Evaluation (1hr)

  • Participant shares top ideas

  • Dot voting on full list

  • Group ideas;

      - Microsoft+AKQA to progress (used in step 4)
      - Client to follow-up (on own behalf)
      - Parking lot (more thought required)
  1. Concept Development (1hr)
  • What is the value for the customer/user?

  • How is business value captured?

  • How could this idea come to life?

     - Solution components, including Azure
     - Teams impacted
     - Budget