Algorhythm Azure Data Platform: 8 Week Implementation


The world is getting more complex every day, and so is your data. Extracting value from this data maze is only possible with a future-proof, scalable, connected and user-friendly Azure data platform.

A data Platform should have maximum connectivity to all possible data sources and data applications. Special attention has to be given to streaming data (real time/near-real time) which is becoming more and more prevalent in today's hyper-dynamic world. All this should be made possible in a cost-efficient way and while maintaining a user-centric approach. At Algorhythm, our experts can guide you from design to implementation, migration and operationalization of a future-proof performant Microsoft Azure data platform. Our blueprint consists of a data lakehouse architecture, supplemented with a high velocity streaming data components. All this with special attention to data management and good governance. Algorhythm can guide your organization in the design and setup of a Microsoft Azure data platform and help you in choosing and using services like Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Purview for data governance, Azure Stream Analytics and Azure CosmosDB for streaming data, Azure Machine Learning for AI and ML and Power BI for data visualization. The deliverable of this solution is an operational Microsoft Azure Data Platform, we can also assist you in migrating all your data and reports. This implementation varies according to size and complexity of the data environment.