Azure Migration: 5 Week Assessment

All Covered, a division of Konica Minolta

All Covered's Azure Server Migration Assessment will streamline understanding how to get your organization’s server workloads into Azure efficiently and effectively

Let our Azure Subject Matter Experts assess your on-premises or private cloud environment(s) and make it easy to transition your organization into the Cloud.

Our Azure Migration Assessment will streamline understanding how to get your organization into Azure efficiently and effectively. Senior level engineers and Solutions Architects will touch all relevant components and segments of your network, server workloads, applications, storage, and governance to build a comprehensive report that will prepare you for what a migration to Azure will look like. This would involve timeline, upfront and ongoing costs, opportunities to modernize your infrastructure, and what savings can be taken advantage of through Azure solutions and eliminating or significantly reducing the need to invest in any ongoing capital expenditures.

Process & Deliverables
• Kickoff meeting to gather details of critical components of the business, understanding pain points, and defining that the goals are of transitioning to Azure
• Discovery of your existing environment to capture network topology, workload dependencies, storage consumption, and existing governance design
• An Azure Migrate project will be leveraged to capture important metrics, which will detail options for modernizing workloads to Platform-as-a-Service and estimating what ongoing costs can be expected after your workloads are running in Azure
• A fully comprehensive report will be reviewed with you to discuss all findings, any concerns to initially address, and recommendations on how to successfully transition to the cloud

Based on the outcome of the report review, whether it is making a full jump to the cloud, or just a partial transition, a scope of work will be created to get the next steps in motion to begin your journey to Azure.