Zero Trust Network Access Accelerator

ANS Group Limited

Provide secure remote access to applications, data and services based on clearly defined access control policies.

The ANS Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Accelerator for Microsoft Azure will secure access to your applications by your users regardless of their location or where the application is hosted. ZTNA will tightly control access to your critical applications using the key security principles of Zero Trust to verify users and devices before every application session. The service will confirm users meet your corporate policy to access applications meaning all your remote application access or internal application access will be highly secure and compliant.

The main benefit of deploying ANS ZTNA is the infrastructure used to deploy the product is hosted in Microsoft Azure. The product forms part of Microsoft’s SASE security framework which takes a flexible security approach that focuses on enabling secure access to resources from anywhere. As the infrastructure is hosted in Microsoft Azure, it will allow you to take advantage of the benefits this offers such as scale and automated deployment. The product will also integrate with other Microsoft cloud hosted services such as Azure Active Directory and Azure AD App Proxy. This can help you extend the modern access control approach to on-premises resources by simplifying user access to them and modernising security with Conditional Access (which explicitly validates user and device trust, a Zero Trust principle). The product can integrate with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps which is a highly sophisticated Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB ) that can provide XDR for SaaS applications as well as governance, threat protection, data protection and more for these SaaS apps and the data stored on them.

We’ll work with you to fully test the capabilities of ZTNA and provide a roadmap for full adoption for secure application access. You can use your own Azure environment in which to deploy this product or we can help you build a new one to show you the benefits of secure Zero Trust Access.

The ANS implementation of ZTNA will include the following deliverables:

  • All the licensing required for a fully functioning platform.
  • Help you build and maximise your Azure environment to integrate with other Azure services such as AD App Proxy and Azure AD
  • Deployment of temporary applications hosted in Microsoft Azure and, if required, testing to minimise any disruption to your business
  • A comprehensive testing and success criteria report to ensure all business and technical requirements have been met ANS Accelerators are high-value, low-cost solutions which can be delivered in less than 6 weeks, making them ideal if you’re on a tight deadline or want to evaluate the technology. before making a significant investment.

This solution is ideal for organisations who:

  • Are looking to modernise the secure remote access for their users
  • Are looking to leverage their Azure cloud environment to secure their applications and users
  • Are looking to modernise the secure remote access for their users
  • Want a compliant and secure framework for secure application access
  • Want more control and greater visibility of their network
  • Have adopted different working practices post pandemic with a more distributed workforce
  • Want to evaluate the technology or deliver a PoC