OEA Base: 10-Wk Implementation


This 10-week deployment of the base OEA Framework includes a single data source and customised dashboard for Education organisations.

Antares is providing an out-of-the box AI solution built on Microsoft Azure for educators, school leaders, and dioceses, that not only monitors student performance, progress, and wellbeing, but also identifies and predicts when support, intervention and adjustment is needed to drive more personalised teaching and learning outcomes.

Open Education Analytics (OEA) is a Microsoft led initiative designed to help education organisations leverage advanced analytics without the complexity and high costs of traditional approaches. It comprises of a set of defined processes and an open-source, modern data framework built on Microsoft azure Synapse. Some advantages of OEA are as follows:

 •	Accelerated deployment using data pipeline and code templates
 •	International Community of education users collaborating to develop –
        o	Personalised Learning Pathways 
        o	State and National Reporting
        o	Open data for research and evaluation 
        o	Prediction of at-risk students 
 •	Open-Source sharing of enhancements to the framework 

This Proof of Concept aims to establish the baseline OEA framework with a single data source and dashboard. Once the OEA Framework is established, it enables a streamlined process for adding further data sources and dashboards.

The outcomes from the OEA Proof of Concept are summarised below:

 •	Base OEA Framework established on Azure
 •	A single data source connected 
 •	A single dashboard developed using the connected data source 

Our dashboard allows you to view all your student data and data from multiple schools all in one place. This lets you compare yourself against benchmarks such as NAPLAN or other schools, so you can monitor and predict the best way to improve, progress and reach your potential.