Onboarding Services - USA: 4 weeks implementation*

Anunta Technology Management Services Limited

Onboarding Services ensure complete management of virtual desktop workload transition to the Cloud. This includes implementation, configuration, image & application configuration, testing & migration.

Setting up a cloud desktop environment on Azure and integrating it with the existing infrastructure and network involves a number of configurations which needs to be managed to ensure seamless user experience.

Anunta's Onboarding Services on Azure ensures end-to-end management of virtual desktop workload transition to cloud. The services include implementation, active directory configuration, image creation, application configuration, end to end technical testing and migration services. . Till date, Anunta has onboarded close to 30 customers on to the Azure cloud with zero business disruption, within aggressive project timelines while ensuring optimum end-user experience and productivity.

The Onboarding services on Azure include :

  1. Network Connectivity and VPN setup Establishing VPN connectivity from Azure cloud to customer DC or Configuring IPSec from Azure to customer DC. Defining subnets and access over VPN

  2. Image Creation and App Configuration Configuring GOLD pattern, creating image for RDSH/VDI hosting. Configuring customer provided image and installing applications

  3. End to End Technical Testing Testing the Cloud environment from user and resource allocation perspective. Testing applications, end-user environment access and peripheral dependency.

  4. User Creation and Rights Allocation Binding the DaaS platform with Domain, DNS and active directory details, creating OU's, groups and moving systems to specific OUs and users to specific groups. Configuring GPO's with customer specific user settings and system settings.

The commercial model is on a per user one time fee.

  • Prices will vary as per client specific requirements like number of use cases and users to be migrated.
  • The project timeline is estimated as 4 weeks but may vary depending on the complexity of the client requirement.