IoT Smart Experience: 8 Week Implementation

ArcTouch LLC

Development services can be customized to help companies design and develop apps and websites that integrate with their connected consumer products and IoT devices using Azure IoT services.

This flexible consulting service helps forward-looking companies in all industries develop complete connected consumer product and IoT device solutions that leverage Azure IoT services. It includes multiple weeks of design and/or engineering sprints that can be customized to fit your company’s needs. Learn how to leverage Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Solution Accelerators and other Azure IoT services for rapid solution development of custom solutions. Azure IoT services to provide a faster time to market, a greater ability to scale as usage grows, and access to the latest digital innovations.

ArcTouch can provide a complete team to manage the entire process from idea through deployment, or any of our experts can augment your existing project team to help accelerate your roadmap. Either way, the goal is the same - to create a lovable app that forges an ongoing connection with your customers or employees.

Activities can include:

Strategy Workshop

  • Feature ideation and prioritization
  • Technical and system architecture of Azure IoT services

Experience Design

  • Design rich and engaging experiences to deliver a complete software/hardware value proposition

Front-end and Back-end development

  • Implement integrations to Azure IoT services and BLE communications
  • Build custom Azure back-end systems for additional product features


  • Create commercial quality apps, web-sites and voice-assistants that are customized for your business and leverage Azure services for enhanced end-user experiences, security and scalability.

ArcTouch helps companies forge meaningful connections with their customers and employees through custom mobile apps and other digital products. As a Gold partner, we’ve created dozens of world-class products for the Fortune 500 and leading brands using Microsoft technologies and Azure services.