Azure Application Modernization - <1Wk - Workshop

Asperitas Consulting, llc.

The Azure Application Modernization Workshop is built to help customers decide how to bring modern cloud architecture to their applications and helping customers to evolve business process.

Customers are looking for ways to leverage modern cloud architectures to increase agility, decrease overhead, and ensure they have a scalable / resilient application. Through a thoughtful workshop approach to dive into existing business processes, architectures, and policies we provide consulting and implementation services that help customers leverage a devops mindset along side modern pipeline practices, containerized services (ie. AKS), and other common modern patterns using managed Azure services. We initiate this engagement with professional services consulting and assessing the current state, and out of that create an output that a suggestive and actionable document deliverable. The deliverables from this workshop will have recommendations and patterns aligned to propose immediate and long-term solutions to your application architecture and business process. We also then can assist the customer with implementation services for these architecture patterns leverage Azure compute, storage, configuration, and other managed services. Additionally, the workshop length is largely dependent on the application use cases from the customer. In some cases, the workshop can be completed in 2-3 days. A typical agenda for our workshops includes the following:

  • Review Objectives & Goals
  • Review Use Cases & Application(s)
  • Cloud Strategy Peer Review
  • Deep Dive Topics (typically between 2 & 5 topics)
  • Architecture Review
  • Operational Excellence Review
  • Use Case Group Work
  • Use Case Finalization & Presentation
  • Open Discussion & Wrap up

Our unique approach to bringing the business stakeholders together in the workshop helps to ensure alignment across the organization. The delivered output gives a thorough snapshot of the current state, outlines the challenges, restates the goals we set out to accomplish, and draws out a plan with patterns and architectural recommendations on how to accomplish these goals.