Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) Briefing


The Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) briefing delivers an overview of features and specific benefits and usecases for this offering.

This 1 hour briefing session introduces our managed service SOC offering which provides comprehensive security, including 24 x 7 threat monitoring, investigation of incidents and the use of security orchestration to respond to threats and remediate incidents using present best practices. After this session you will be able to draw initial conclusions regarding a potential fit and security needs.

Automating security processes increases your company's security - SecOps teams are constantly bombarded with alarms, if you had to handle all these alarms yourself, you could not do anything else. Microsoft Sentinel enables us to easily collect data across your entire organization, from devices, to users, to applications located in any Cloud solution. Using artificial intelligence, we quickly identify real threats and since it is based on the SaaS model, unlike traditional SIEM systems, one does not have to think about setup, maintenance and scaling.

The following services are delivered for handling security:

Detection of security incidents (Detect in NIST security framework) from the following reference list

Creation of security incident based on the incident process. Incident priority is defined, based on the severity of the incident in the individual threat management service.

  • High = P1
  • Medium = P2
  • Low = P3

    Responds to the identified security event. (Respond in NIST security framework)

  • Analyzes the identified incident so that the extent can be assessed and appropriate mitigation can be performed.
  • Mitigates the incident based on agreed powers.
  • Escalation to customer safety officers.

    Azure services being Azure firewall Threat intelligence, Azure network watcher etc. can all be selected for service as wanted.

    Feel free to reach out to our team for further questions.